Beth Sleven was born and raised in the rain soaked land of Portland Oregon. On her 19th birthday, it stopped raining for 5 minutes, and the clouds parted. That was the day, Beth discovered sunlight.

Soon after, she packed her bags, and left the great wild wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, for sunny southern California.

Since arriving, Beth has worked on numerous feature and television projects.  She animated on “Iron Man 2”, “Night and the Museum”, “Lion the witch and the Wardrobe”, and “Looney tunes: Back in Action” to name a few. She has also worked as a designer and concept artist as well.

Currently she is Directing on the soon to be released Dreamworks show "Spirit Riding Free".

Ironically most of the time you can find Beth who fled to sunny Los Angeles, indoors working hard at her desk.

And yes, the irony is not lost on her either. : )